Standing at 291m high, it's a great place for some elevation training.  

Bukit Besi is located in the Alam Damai area, Cheras KL. The is a 4 square kilometer patch of greenery and on the summit, there are 3 telecommunication towers. There are a number of pathways you can take up, but, the general rule of thumb is to pick the path that goes upwards. You start off with a tarred section but slowly move into a trail kind of terrain. It is however fairly easy to navigate through. You will be rewarded with the city views and a very nice breeze atop.

This is a fairly short climb, only a 3 km hike, so if you’re looking for something more challenging – go up it twice!

Photo Credits: Sungai Siput Boy, Jimmy Chew
Cover Photo Credits: Jimmy Chew

Route at a glance:

Suitable for: Short runs (Less than 5 km), Medium runs (5 - 15 km)
Surface: Gravel, Tarmac
Profile: Hilly
Suitable for night runs? No
Parking information:
Park opposite OCBC Bank and crossed the street where a tarmac road with a barrier takes you steeply up the hill next to a residential tower called Altitude 236.

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