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Location Zofingen, Switzerland
Happening in: September
Race categories: Full Marathon
Next on: September 4th, 2016
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Powerman Zofingen – Powerman World Championship / ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championship
The race

The history of the Powerman, the most important duathlon event worldwide, taking place in the heart of Switzerland since 1989, is full of drama and emotions. The organizers of the leading Duathlon races met and decided to invent a joint Powerman series. They were convinced from the potential of Duathlon in the long run and were aware that only a close cooperation would lead to success. Powerman Zofingen acted as a figurehead to the series, which remains until today the leading Duathlon series worldwide.

For more than 25 years Powerman Zofingen has been the undisputed number 1 in Duathlon worldwide. The legendary races, the extremely challenging course, the excellent organisation and the familiar surroundings are only a few of its many success factors.

The Powerman Zofingen is foremost a longdistance event. Only in Zofingen do the world’s best triathletes, duathletes and athletes of other endurance disciplines compete in the same race. To finish the Powerman Zofingen at least once is a must in the career of every long-distance enthusiast. Some finishers even claim that the Powerman is more demanding than the Ironman. In Zofingen quality comes before quantity. The personal contact is more important to us than large masses of participants. And, thanks to the stylish framework, Powerman Zofingen is more than just a competition. No matter whether you are a professional, a beginner or a kid, we welcome you at the Powerman Zofingen 2014!

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Photo credits: Powerman Zofingen, Lu_Is (Panoramio)

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