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Location Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia
Happening in: August
Race categories: Full Marathon, Ultramarathon
Next on: August 1st, 2018
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Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset
The race

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is an annual event that allows runners to experience some of the most spectacular and pristine trail running in the world as well as an opportunity to visit Mongolia - the land of Chinggis Khan, nomadism and infinite wilderness.

Whether you come to challenge the Mongolian champions over the 100km distance or to challenge yourself in trekking your first Alpine marathon, Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset offers you a week of discovery and exploration.

Participants in Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset have the opportunity to combine serious trail running or trail hiking with remote and exotic eco-tourism. The event takes participants to Hovsgol Lake on the northern border of Mongolia (adjacent to Russian Siberia) where the wide open spaces, dry and temperate climate and naturally soft terrain are ideal for running.

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