Row Revolution

9A Trengganu Street, S058463
Categories: Fitness, Other
Opening Hours:
Timings for the classes vary daily.
Phone: 69883981

Row Revolution is Singapore’s first and only dedicated indoor rowing studio. We are here to create a movement to initiate and inspire transformation in each individual, helping them to take charge of their lives and become stronger than before. Where change is constant, a revolution is an endless motion, working ceaselessly toward a better self.

Dynamic Row Classes

This class is designed as a foundational class for all levels. We interweave rowing with core strengthening and accessory work so you get a complete workout. Let the team spirit in this class carry you to new heights you never thought possible.

Power Row Classes (Coming soon)

For those who can’t get enough of the erg. With a 5-minute test piece and sprint intervals, this class will be a challenge not to be taken lightly. You might even discover a competitive streak you didn’t know you had.

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