Just done a recent spring cleaning for my collection of medals keeping away some of my oldest medals in a shoebox to make space for One Piece posters which I have gotten recently from Taobao 🤭

It was 2014 and this was the first running event I’d participated in since I had graduated from secondary school. The event tee was your secondary school house tee and it was held in Macritchie Reservoir, the same place where my secondary school held our cross country run 🤩 The organiser actually made the effort to get in touch with the schools to get the tees. Cool right? I kept the tee now because I regretted that I get rid of my school uniforms/attires almost immediately after I received my O Levels results 😆

It was 2015 and I ran my first 42.195km! 💪

Then in 2016, there’s One Piece Run! 🤩 It’s one of my favourite anime and the medal is super beautiful 😍 I hope there would be another One Piece Run in Singapore again. Medals from theme run and fun runs are mostly beautiful designed ❤️

The Batman V Superman run was held in 2016. It’s one of the sleekest and coolest medal I have.

Then in 2017, I ran my first overseas race in Hong Kong. It was my first travel to run and my first overseas 42.195km ❤️ It was my 2nd marathon and until now I couldn’t beat my best timing achieved from this marathon 😂

Safari Zoo Run was of course one of the most memorable runs. It was just 1 week after my first overseas race in Hong Kong. I met Willis in this run for the first time 🤭 He was a stranger who ran next to me and slowed down for me. He told me that we actually followed each other in 42Race, he knew I was slower than usual and asked if I’m OK. I was like Wow! I was amazed that he knew that I was unwell because after returning from Hong Kong, I’ve gotten ill. He wants to make sure I’m ok so he ran with me when I told him to go ahead. I feel that it’s a sweet gesture now but honestly at that moment was a little uneasy 😆 The very next day was Run for Hope. After the run, I forward Willis in messenger our picture taken by Eugene Tan during the Safari Zoo Run and Willis sent me a picture of me in Run for Hope he took secretly.

I feel that it’s sweet someone took interest in me and ran with me and I told my friend about it. My friend had a completely opposite and warn me he might be a stalker 🤣 So we started chatting and meet out a few days after to run at Upper Peirce Reservoir. I actually kind of regret that I chose to run in a place full of slopes and we were literally just panting(hurhurhur 😹)and didn’t talk much 😂 But perhaps meeting up for a run was less awkward than meeting up for dinner or movie to me. We meet up for another run within that one week since we first met, I became his girlfriend that day 🤭
Moral of the story: Life is short, go for it!
I don’t usually agree to meet random guys out to run, maybe it’s just that the timing was right! 😊

Then it’s the beautiful batik lanyard medal from Singapore Airlines Charity Run 😍 Had preordered their beautiful Mahjong set, very looking forward to receiving it 🤩

I can still remember how my mum said that it’s her first medal in her entire life when we went to Bangkok’s Music Run 2018 and how she told my dad she got a medal and show it to my dad ❤️

Penang Bridge was my first run in a heavy thunderstorm 🤣 And it’s the only medal I have that glows in the dark 🤩

In 2019, I’m lucky to get a slot through the ballot to run in one of the world’s greatest marathon: Tokyo Marathon 😍 It’s my first Abbott World Marathon Majors 🤩
Since Covid 19 was declared as a pandemic, I had only participated in 1 or 2 virtual races and had a few races cancelled and postponed. Hope that the pandemic would be over soon so we can resume having races and well as runcations ❤️


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