Ever since I started using Jaybird Sports Headphones, I have never looked back. I did a review about 1.5 years ago whereby I compared my first set of Jaybird X3 and the second pair of Jaybird RUN. Back then, the greatest upgrade for me was from a semi-wireless sports headphones to a truly wireless one.

After trying out the Jaybird VISTA for 3 months, I finally managed to put up this review. Although the Jaybird RUN and Jaybird VISTA are very similar in many ways, the VISTA brought the truly wireless sports headphones up another notch.

Design & Comfort

The VISTA is more compact, and lighter than the RUN by about 1g. This is very important especially when most sports enthusiasts like me will be putting those headphones on for prolonged periods. The earbuds are fitted with size 2 (medium) eargels out of the box, which fitted my ears snugly and comfortably. There are also 2 more sizes of eargels, small and large, included in the box. This will ensure that the fit will suit almost everyone, even if you need a different size for each ear.

The charging case is slimmer and smaller, which makes it more portable and fits easily into pockets. Once paired with your device, the earbuds connect automatically once removed from the charging case. The magnetic connection points between the earbuds and the case make it swift and easy to put the buds back in place too.


Sound Quality & Features

When the fit of the earbuds is good, the passive noise cancellation ensures that there is minimal outside noise when I am listening to music while exercising or running. One of the greatest features is that I can customise the sound settings via the Jaybird mobile app and also save pre-sets to be used for different environments or moods.

Another big improvement in the VISTA over the RUN headphones is the reduced latency and stronger connectivity thanks to the enhanced chipset and Bluetooth. This improvement addressed the reported issues with the Jaybird RUN, such as sound lag/syncing when watching videos and disconnection from the music device even when kept at a reasonable distance.


The battery life of the VISTA is about 5 hours and 45 minutes on a full charge, plus about 10 more in the charging case. A quick five-minute charge will also give about an hour of playtime. Although the VISTA cannot be used for swimming, it is IPX7-rated (IP Code definitions), which means that is it waterproof (immersion in water up to 1m depth for 30 minutes) and sweatproof.


The Jaybird VISTA is both practical and stylish as a companion to enthusiasts who put in hours of sports activities regularly. The design is also versatile and timeless, which makes one look good in or out of sports activities.

* Disclaimer: This review represents the genuine, unbiased views of the author. The author was provided with a free unit. Jaybird’s products have been and might currently be advertised on JustRunLah! via different channels, however, these relationships do not influence the editorial content of reviews.


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