Somewhat becoming a yearly affair.  Like the Shape Run, this race is something not to be missed. The bountiful goodie bag, great finishing point taking a lot of consideration for women’s needs.

Usual online signup, insurers with Great Eastern will get special promotional prices, early bird and loyalty rates are also available. Categories for the race include the 21km, 10km, 5km and 2km princess dash where mothers with young daughters can run together for this.

Race Proper

Morning baggage drop

I missed the race pack collection so had to go to a kinda “ulu” place in Ubi to get it, however, they do have a very last minute collection on the race day itself at 4 am. It’s kinda good for those who really cannot make it to any of the days. Race pack is crazily bountiful from Feminine wash to coupons, to face care products. All packed in a nice Great Eastern run bag. The tee is also good but I took a larger size to give away.

Super bountiful Goodie Bag

The race itself is at the stadium, as usual perfect venue because there is ample indoor space for all in case it rains. The stadium is also well facilitated with toilets and organiser really take the effort every time to fill the centre field with many booths and even a powder room for the ladies to freshen up after the run. Get this, there was even a changing room there so that you can wear your finisher tee and not feel sweaty all over.


Pacer ballons. Gathering at the carpark before going to start line

The half marathon brings the ladies through the Nicoll Highway, towards the CBD and to Marina Bay Sands into the Gardens by the bay east, with a final stretch into Fort Road and the Kallang area. The last part was really the highlight as ladies get to run into the stadium. We were lucky that it rained the day before and the morning was cooling and windy. Although there were a bit of drizzle, it was still manageable.

At the start!

Pacing groups were also there to help the runners achieve their desired timing. I must say the water points are well stocked, and before the water point comes up, there was a sign indicating that runners are approaching it. At some points, there were portable toilets too.

Feeling sheepish

Finishing and Overall

Photo booth
Ending in the stadium was good with sheltered area

Must say although it is not much different from last year, I am very impressed with their organisation and also handling the big crowd of ladies. It is always amazing to see so many women getting together for this race, from the elites to the ones that just wanna do a simple fun run workout. Organisers really managed to get the ladies out on early Sunday.

Wide space to rest and booths
Ending perks with volunteers dishing out the goodies
Medal and goodies for ladies

The best part is the ending, although you may be dying or maybe just not your day for a race, you will be comforted by the after race perks like ice cream and other stuff, with free cereals, milk and also breakfast pack. They really go all out to make the ladies happy. Furthermore, it was a great chance to meet all the ladies running friends and make new ones too.

with good friend Jean wong again!
Forever young Sally!

Wore the tutu for two years, I think I will still come back again next year!


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