People don’t become active overnight. It is always a process that requires determination, hard work, and consistent commitment. Only through the pains of training, can we transcend into a better, faster and stronger runner. ‘Transcend Yourself’ is what The Performance Series promotes, encouraging non-runners to become runners and runners to become ever better runners.

Here are 4 phases you may go through when you are undergoing transformation to become a runner:

Mentally: From Couch Potato To Runners

The hardest step is actually taking the first step to make a change. Once you’ve started running, the runners-high will keep you going back for more. Many of us go from inactive lifestyles to going for our very first run, to being running addicts and never looking back. We go from feeling lethargic to being active. Instead of being addicted to the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, we find ourselves high on running. We want to be active all the time!


Physically: From Overweight To Healthy

You will start seeing changes in yourself. Your BMI will start heading towards the healthy range. Running a 10 km will start becoming easier and you don’t get out of breath so easily. Gone were the days whereby you feared standing on the scale and going for your next medical check-up! You go from overweight to being healthy, and being healthy feels great. You will go from being fearful to being confident about yourself.

Socially: From Introvert To Extrovert

Running buddies are the greatest friends. They provide you accountability and motivation at every level. And you would do the very same for them. You would cheer for them and motivate them. Naturally, you will start noticing that from an introvert, you are slowly becoming an extrovert. You will soon start to realize with the support of your running buddies, things you once thought weren’t possible, starts to become a reality. From a negative person, you start becoming a positive person.

Emotionally: From Office Chair To The Streets

You are no longer bound to your office chair, instead, you can’t wait to lace up and hit the streets for your daily run. Emotionally, you will feel that you are released from confinement to freedom. The fatigue and tiredness you once felt at work, will be replaced with focus and concentration and you will start to feel the emotional contentment running is able to give you.

Running does affect our overall life. It gives us so much more – mentally, physically, socially and emotionally!

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Let your life/running journey be an inspiration to others, share today! #TPSAmbassadors


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