Are you looking for an adventure? Here are 5 unique and beautiful races for you to consider! These 5 runs in the US are truly worthy of being a bucket list marathon!

#1 Honolulu Marathon

Photo Credits: World Marathons

Aloha! Run 42.195km in an island paradise and experience the aloha spirit. The route offers beautiful coastal views. The view itself is reason enough for you to join this race. It is jaw-dropping. It is a run with no cut-off time, making it a run for everyone! This is the 4th largest marathon happening in December annually.

#2 Walt Disney Marathon

Photo Credits: Walt Disney Marathon 


Relive your childhood with the Walt Disney Marathon. Running in the most magical place on earth would be a dream come true for many. The Walt Disney Marathon has always been dubbed the happiest marathon on earth. This is because running pass Mickey Mouse, high-fiving Goofy and having Pluto cheer you on while you take on 42.195km somehow brings back all your childhood memories and for some inexplicable reason puts a smile on your face! The run takes place annually in January in Sunshine Florida! It’s the atmosphere that makes this run a truly magical one!

#3 Marine Corps Marathon

Photo Credits: Military 

The Marine Corps Marathon has the honour of being the People’s Marathon. This run serves as an advocate for the values of courage and commitment fostered by United States Marine Corps. It celebrates discipline and remains a repository of inspiration, ambition, desire, stamina, tenacity, and resilience. The run takes place annually in October in Arlington, Virginia, and Washington. Celebrate the accomplishment of every runner with the Marine Army!

#4 Big Sur Marathon

Photo Credits: Big Sur Marathon

Come run on the ragged edge of the western world! This run has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean to boast as you run through ranches and redwoods. The course ain’t easy with undulating hills but the view is well worth it! The centerpiece of the course is the iconic Bixby Bridge where you’ll be greeted by a Tuxedo-dressed man playing a grand piano! Can it get any classier? This run is held annually in California every April.

#5 Boston Marathon

This has been and will always be the ultimate bucket list marathon for almost all runners. We think it’s because of the prestige that comes with qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It is indeed the dream of many runners to hit the coveted Boston Qualifying. There is just something more satisfying about being able to achieve something! Hence, many chase the Boston dream!

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