People who say that running in loops are so much fun are complete liars. Please explain what’s fun about running the same loop over and over again?

#1 It’s boring!

It’s always exciting to run new routes – everything is fresh and the kilometers just fly by, and before you know it, you’re done with your 20 clicks. But running in loops – it’s boring. By the end of your 5th loop, you would have passed that very same lamp post, that tree, and that litter of kittens 5 times. Even if the route offers a scenic view, by the 10th loop, you’d probably grow bored.

#2 It drives you crazy

Imagine doing a long run on a 1km loop. After running 5 loops, you tell yourself – I’ve got this, only 17 more loops to go. Whoah 17 loops is a lot more to go! You start counting down to the end of every loop – okay 500 meters to go, 300 meters to go! You know the loop like the back of your hand, you know every nook and cranny! You just keep going around in circles – and it certainly drives you nuts!


#3 You’re More Likely To Give Up

If you run a 20km loop, you’ve got no choice! You’ve got to run the entire loop back to your house or car – else you would end up stranded! It’s easy to give up running loops. You could give up midway and just walk to your car. With just 2 more loops to go, you could decide you’re too tired and head back home!


Then again, we find runners signing up for races like the UM 24 hours. If you are not acquainted with the format of the race – it is looping a 400m track for 24 hours. The person who runs the most loops will emerge the winner. Who in their right mind would want to loop a 400m track for 24 hours – you must be kidding me!

We can only come up with one conclusion! Runners are crazy people! They complain about running in loops, yet very willingly pay to run loops for 24 hours! There can be no other explanation!


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