Christmas is just around the corner! We runners are pretty much very simple people, we want very simple things. Looking to get us the perfect Christmas gift ? There isn’t the need to brainstorm – here are the 3 things we runners want for Christmas and no surprises – they are all running related gifts.

#1 An Entry Into A World Prestigious Marathon

We runners have a bucket list of marathons we would love to do. It also doubles up as a race-cation. It’s the perfect gift for us. Whether it’s going to Cambodia for the Angkor Wat Marathon, or Vietnam for the Halong Bay Marathon or Japan for the World Marathon Major Tokyo Marathon. It is the best way for us to soak in a new city – on foot! We’d be ecstatic! Check out our list of World’s Best Must Do Marathons! These races don’t get more stunning!

#2 New Running Shoes

We spend most of our time in running shoes – making it a great gift for us. We runners have an array of shoes – shoes specifically for our long runs, shoes specifically for trail running, racing shoes, shoes for speedwork – you name it. We mostly have a favourite brand and can’t wait to try out their latest release.


Photo Credits: Nike

We get really excited about trying a new pair of shoes. We totally geek out and we can’t wait to head out on our run to test out new shoes. We have so many questions – are they light enough? are they responsive enough? are they comfy enough? We become like a kid who just got their candy!

#3 A New GPS Watch

Photo Credits: Garmin

We runners totally love information. We want to know everything down to every split we run. We would like to know our cadence. We would like to know our heart rate. We would like to track our distance. Basically, the more information we get, the more excited we are. So, consider getting us a new GPS watch. If we’ve already got one, upgrade our watch to one which has more functions. If we’ve already got the best on the market, get us a fitness tracker that has a more casual look that can suit our everyday outings – Vivomove HR.



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