Runners, we are great people. You want to know why we’re so run-mazing? Here’s why having running friends are probably the best company you can get!

#1 You Will Never Be Alone

You will always have someone to run with. Fear no more those boring lonely long runs, because we’ve got you covered. We will be there with you through that hard lung busting 5km time trial. We will be there for you through that long 32km run. We make your runs a lot more fun!

#2 We Are The Most Supportive People – Ever!

We truly understand your sport! We know what it’s like 35km into your marathon. We are there for you to cheer you on. We got your back. We understand your pain! We totally know what to say to keep you moving! We are so chirpy and we’re the best cheerleaders – ever!


#3 We’ll Eat With You

We would eat anything with you! We’re down for ice-cream,waffles and pancakes. We can eat because we’re almost always hungry. We make great food buddies. We can run together with you and indulge together with you!

#4 We Can Geek Out With You

Not everyone would understand your mumbo jumbo about splits and pacing! We are here to geek out and nerd out with you! We’re very interested in your runs and analysis of your runs. We’re interested down to your very last km split! We understand the running language!

#5 We’re Always There

We’re always at a race with you! We’ll be there to take photos with you and take photos of you! You can count on us to cheer you on, and even take a great finishing photo of you! You won’t be going to a race alone, you don’t have to be nervous alone, because we’ll be there, with you!

#6 We Follow You on Strava

We’re your loyal Strava follower. I mean who else can you share a new course record on a segment? – us! We understand the excitement of creating new segments and owning the course records of segments. We would even fight you for some segments, making owning course records come with more pride!

So, who wants to be friends?


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