Ask any runner, ask any of us and we would tell you there is something magical about races. Running a 10km on our own is just different from running a 10km in a race. Running a race is painful. There will come a time, no matter the distance that you hit a low point. And that’s where you, all of you play the greatest role in helping us runners get through our low points. You do your magic, and we somehow find the strength to dig deeper and hang on.

Here are the top reasons why we need you!

#1 You Keep Us Going

Photo Credits: Ka-ka-ka-katy

We suffer! There comes a point where we all suffer. The longer the race, the more likely that suffering is real. We feel down. We feel low. We feel discouraged. But, you lift our spirits up. We don’t know you, but you tell us we’re doing great and we can do this. You cheer us on. And sometimes, that’s all that takes for us to keep putting one foot ahead of another.


#2 You Are Everywhere

Things can go wrong at any point of a race. Maybe our cheering squad is at the 35km point, but we hit a really low point 25km in. We need something to boost our spirits. At any point of the course, you are there! We can count on you, any time, any where! You’re that magical person that keeps us from quitting.

#3 You Are Our Random Act Of Kindness

Photo Credits: Mouse Planet

From high fives to that cool popsicle, to gummy bears to perhaps some coconut water, to a cold towel and maybe a spray! You really got our back. If we ever have problems before hitting an aid station, you’re there to help us out. If we ever need a drink, or an extra energy gel, you are our saviour.

#4 You’re Out There, With Us

Braving the cold or heat, you’re there with us. You get out of bed early, just to cheer us on. And we are forever thankful for that. We sacrifice and suffer, and you are with us every step of the way. Suddenly, we are like your family. You come out to cheer for your loved one, but you keep going and cheer for every other runner that passes.

So, thank you! And do not stop cheering us on! Because, we need you!


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