We’re so spoilt for choices when it comes to buying shoes. We don’t even know where to begin. But, know that it is worth taking the time to pick the perfect shoes for you. Running shoes these days don’t come cheap. If you’re going to fork out your dough, make sure you make your monies worth. It is crucial we find a suitable pair of running shoes.

#1 Feel Or Float?

Know the type of shoes you are most comfortable in. Some people like to feel the ground. Some people like shoes that have more cushioning. Generally speaking, people with a heavier built tend to welcome the support and cushioning. However if you are one that likes  to feel light and agile, you may find the cushioning a tad to heavy for you.

#2 Know Your Size

Photo Credit: New York Times

Your running shoes should feel snug, not tight and definitely not way too loose. Get your feet measure properly. Don’t go a size bigger or smaller just because the shoes are on sale. You risk an unwanted injury. Make sure there is space in the toe box for your toes to wiggle around, but also not too big such that your shoe feels like slipping out with every stride. Always try them out – run up and down the aisle. Does it rub against your toes? Could it cause a blister? Test it out thoroughly before forking out your dough!


#3 Never Buy A Shoe For It’s Colour

I mean this is pure logic, but one that many tend to oversee. It may come in your favourite colour, your favourite style and matches your favourite running outfit, but, it may not be the right pair of running shoes for you. Remember, always comfort before looks and fashion when it comes to running!

#4 Running Shoes, Only For Running

Photo Credits: Brooks Running

Remember that you should not use your running shoes for everything else. When you buy your shoes, have in mind that they should only be for running! – not cycling, not walking! Using them for other purposes changes the wear of the outsoles. The would wear out sooner than they should. Using worn out shoes can lead to overuse injuries. So bear in mind that when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

#5 Shop Smart

Don’t buy the nike breaking 2 shoe, just because everyone is buying it. Does it really suit your running gait and running form? Know and understand your feet. There is no best shoe, but only the right shoe for you. Go to a specialised running shop. You can get your running gait analysed and get some expert opinions on what shoes suit you. If you go to a generalise store, you probably won’t get much advice!

All the best shopping for a new running companion!


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