Some fitness routines can get mundane and boring. Sometimes we need something to spice it up – to make working out fun and interesting. Here are 5 really cool inventions that will change the way you see fitness. They take working out to a whole new level of fun!

#1 The Frog

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The frog looks like so much fun doesn’t it and it also gives you one heck of a workout. The horizontal shape of The Frog targets your every muscle group – from hamstrings to quads to your core. You will feel the burn. It is a great overall workout and so so fun. Imagine frogging around the gym

#2 Interactive Boxing Machine

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This is indeed a fitness revolution. With boxing, you burn tons of calories. It gives you a high intensity workout mixed with martial arts. Your mind has to be alert, making the workout a whole lot more interesting. You probably won’t even notice an hour flying by. It really works your body, mind and soul.

#3 Laddermill

Photo Credits: Laddermill

We all love climbing things when we were kids. The Laddermill is a never-ending ladder. Imagine climbing a ladder, that never ends? It’s a great workout that works both your upper body and lower body and gets your heart rate up as well. It’s a strength and cardio combo workout that brings you back to your kid days.

#4 Quiet Punch

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Quite punch is a compact boxing pad that conveniently fits in any doorway. This means, you can workout anywhere – be it at home or even at work. You get in a super upper body workout while working your heart at the same time. No excuses now – you can workout, anytime, anywhere!

#5 Treadwall

You’ve heard of the treadmill, and you’ve heard of the climbing wall, and when they are both combined, we give you the treadwall. The treadwall, is a climbing wall that never stops – it works like a treadmill. It is a vertical workout that gives you a great upper body workout and the fun adrenaline rush element at the same time.


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