There’s just so many choices. You don’t know where to begin. You don’t even know how to begin. It is however worth taking the time to sort out the choices to find the perfect sports bra, because like running shoes, sports bras do matter. It is equally as crucial to find a sports bra that suits you. Running is a high impact sport and will cause any cleavage we may have to bounce. This could actually lead to breast pain or chest pains. This is why it is of utmost important we find the perfect sports bra – for us!

Size Does Matter

Size does matter. Breast pain is directly related to size. The more well endowed, the more likely you are to have a problem during vigorous sporting activity. Compression bras are better at alleviating this kind of pain as compared to looser fitting bras. So this means, if you are well-endowed, go for a sports bra that has some sort of compression. Runners with a D Cup or E Cup should always choose a bra with more support.

Photo Credits: Virtual Sport Injury Clinic

If you have smaller breasts – A or B cup, should they not cause you any discomfort of pain, this means any sports bra would do for you, even those designed for low impact activity such as yoga. You could use them for running.


However, regardless of breast size, some form of support is always good. Bouncing can very unfortunately lead to premature sagging. However, using a sports bra with support will help alleviate bouncing and help keep this issue at bay.

Better Support For Better Performance

A good sports bra with the right fit could shave off a couple of minutes off your run. With the right fit, our pectoral muscles would not need to expend energy to keep things in place. This helps make or running form more efficient. This saved energy is channeled to our running – what really matters! So yes, get a good sports bra with the right fit and good support for a better race time!

Find The Right Fit

C’mon girls, sports bras are expensive! And if you are going to be forking out so much dough, you better make damn right sure it is the right fit and it is comfortable. Choose a sports bra with a snug fit. Always try them before purchasing. The straps should not hang loosely over your shoulders, neither should they dig into your skin. Run up and down the store, it’s fine. It’s more important to test it out thoroughly before spending on it. Make sure the material is breathable and comfortable!

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And one more thing, lots of people wear the same sports bra for years, maybe even a decade. It is important to replace them often. Think of them like running shoes. Running shoes have a life span, and so does sports bras. A good benchmark would be to replace them as often as you replace your running shoes for them to perform it’s function of providing you the support you need, for you to go the extra mile!


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