It’s always easy to get overexcited and overenthusiastic about running. We runners can overdo it sometimes. We try everything, whether or not it has been tried and tested. So, here are 5 worst things to do before a run! Are you guilty of these 5 running sins?

#1 Static Stretching As A Warmup

young woman stretching before exersise – closeup shot.

Recent research has shown that static stretching is not good way to warm ourselves up. Instead, the correct approach should be dynamic stretching. A dynamic warmup that simulates the running movement is more adequate. A dynamic warmup brings your muscles through a range of motions that simulates the running movement, hence preparing your muscles for the heavy workout ahead. Do strides and running drills instead of sit and reaches.

#2 Eating Too Much

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Yes, you need to adequately fuel yourself before your run, but there is a thing called eating too much as well. When we run, our blood is diverted away from our digestive system towards our leg muscles. This slows down the digestive process and may cause Gastrointestinal problems. Keep your pre-run fuel simple – a banana or a peanut butter sandwich for instance.

#3 Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s easy to under hydrate ourselves. Remember that when we run, we lose large amounts of water which can lead to dehydration. So always remember to sip water throughout the day. A good indication is the colour of your urine. If it is a dark yellow, this is a sign that you aren’t taking in enough fluids.


#4 Not Using The Bathroom

Always clear your bladder before heading out for a run. You don’t want to be running outside looking for a bathroom. It gets in the way of training! So remember to always make one final bathroom pitstop before heading out for your run, especially before a race.

#5 Not Listening To Your Body

If your body is really sluggish and tired, and you have some nagging pain, do not head out for a run! Always listen to your body. Make sure your easy days are easy, and hard days are hard! Don’t push it over it’s limits. Remember fitness is a life time commitment, not something temporary! You don’t want to get an injury! Remember, recovery is part of training!


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