A strong core is vital in running! You need a strong core to keep your form upright. It is often when we are an hour in a race that our form starts to falter. Our faltering form is what is keeping us from our next personal best. Work on your core, strengthen it, and you will feel the difference in your next race!

#1 Plank Hip Dips

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From a standard plank position, bring your right hip to touch the ground slowly. The bring your left hip to touch the ground. Your hips touch the ground only slightly before you bring them back up. This is to be done in a slow rocking motion.

#2 Low Side Plank

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Side planks are really good for strengthening your transverse abdominal muscles and obliques. Remember to do both sides!

#3 Side Star Plank

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You start with a standard low side plank. The you lift up your leg on top as high as you can, and bring it back down. This really fires up your obliques! Again, remember you have 2 sides so do both sides!

#4 Single Arm Plank

Train your balance and strength at the same time with a single arm plank. Slowly lift your arm up, extending it in front of you! Remember to keep your back flat and resist the urge to bend your back.

#5 Single Leg Plank

Another excellent way to train your balance and strength at the same time. Lift up now leg and place in on the heel of your other! Again, remember to do both sides!

#6 Knee To Inside Elbow Plank

Do a standard plank with your hands straight! Bring your knee towards your opposite elbow. Remember to keep your body as straight as possible. Do not compromise form. Do it slow and feel the burn.

#7 Knee To Outside Elbow Plank

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This plank is also a standard one with your hands extended straight. bring your right knee towards your right elbow! Repeat the movement with your left side. Remember again to never compromise form and do not arch your back!

#8 Shoulder Touch Plank

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Get into a plank position. Bring your right palm towards your left shoulder. Repeat by bringing your left palm towards your right shoulder. This trains your stability.

What you waiting for? Try them out for yourselves!


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