It’s quite daunting isn’t it – all that training cumulating to just that one big day. You either make it or break it on that day. Remember, a good run is no accident. It is the result of hard work, determination and grit. But having done all the hard work, remember that all the minor details do count as well. Don’t let a few minor details deter you from a new personal best. Pay attention to the small things! The small things could make or break your race!

One Week Prior To Race

  • Get sufficient snooze because it’s taper time. Your workouts prior to taper week would have been hard sessions so you need to give your body a chance to rest and recover! Remember though, rest and recovery days are part of training not a chance to avoid training.
  • Eat a well balanced healthy diet. It’s time to carb up. 4 days prior to race day, it’s time to carbo-load to top up your glycogen stores. This doesn’t mean eat anything you want like all that ice-cream. This means more pasta, more potatoes and more rice. Your last huge meal should be 12 – 15 hours prior to race. And do not eat anything new or different on the night of race to avoid stomach issues.
  • Hydrate yourself well. As you will be consuming more carbs you need to drink more water. Carbohydrates bind itself with water in your body. So your body will require more water.
  • Run the day before your race to get your muscles ready for the upcoming race. Do a short easy run and end it with strides. Don’t go overboard as you do not want to be sore. The aim of this is to prep your muscles not tire out your muscles.
  • Do not change anything in your diet!

On Race Day

  • Do not try anything new for breakfast! Eat the same as you normally do for training days. Have your breakfast 2-3 hours prior to race to avoid stomach issues!
  • Do not try new gels! Your fuel strategy should be tried and tested during your training to make sure it sits well with you.
  • Warm up well before your race! You don’t want to risk pulling something. Do some easy strides to get your heart rate up and muscles warm!
  • Shoes – remember the golden rule – never try anything new on race day! Make sure your shoes are properly broken into!

Don’t let the little things mess up your big day! Pay attention to the details! It could make or break your race!



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