Sometimes our runs makes us feel good and empowered, but sometimes it does leave us questioning our sanity. You ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself – again! Here are 10 thoughts you’ve probably experienced – some questioning whether you are insane and some to keep yourself going!

#1 Midway Into Your Run

“Hmm, what am I going to have for brunch after my run? Maybe that donut!”

#2 While Running Downhill

“I’m King/Queen of the Road!”


#3 When you’re 2km From Finishing Your Run

I can do this! I am strong!

#4 While Tackling An Uphill

“What goes up, must go down!”

#5 When You Are Lacing Your Shoes At 5am In The Morning

“Am I Insane? What’s wrong with me? What am I doing up at this ungodly hour?”

#6 When You Finish Your Run

“I’m so glad I made it today! Now to feast!”

#7 When The Going Gets Tough

“Train Hard to Race Easy!”

#8 When There Is Headwind

“It’s not that I’m running slow, the wind is pushing me backwards!”

#9 When You’re Midway Through Your Run

“Okay, we’re halfway there! Just one more time! I can do this!”

#10 When You Wake Up Feeling Sore

“Sore never felt so good! Stronger than yesterday!”

Do you have any other thoughts that go through your mind when you run? Feel free to share them in the comments!


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