Here are 5 worst things to do after your run – you may just be sabotaging yourselves if you are committing these 5 mistakes.

#1 You Stay In Your Running Clothes

Are you guilty of staying around to chit chat with your friends after a workout session? You stay in your damp running clothes for 30 minutes chatting away! You should get out of your damp gear immediately to prevent catching a cold. Also, getting into dry gear helps keep your muscles warm and loose and promotes blood circulation.

#2 You Become A Couch Potato To Recover

You think because you ran a hard session 2 days ago, you are entitled to be a couch potato for the next 2 days to rest and recover? Well you are wrong! Contrary to popular belief, you should actually do some light activity such as recovery jogs or swims. Maybe even try Yoga?  Light activity is great as it help keeps your body circulating and this helps promote your recovery.

#3 You Aren’t Refuelling Right


You deserve that pizza, and that burger and yes definitely that brownie after a hard session. You should always avoid pigging out after your run. Don’t run to junk food. You should have a meal high in protein to assist in the repairing of your muscles. Try and have complete carbs. Try to have a meal within 20 – 30 minutes of your workout because your body absorbs nutrients best in this window. It is also why you shouldn’t turn to junk because you don’t want your body to be absorbing the bad stuff.

#4 You Do Heavy Activity

You think you are superman or superwoman. You come home from a hard workout to mow the lawn, mop the floor, wash the yard and so on. Remember your muscles are already tired and carrying out heavy activity may be a recipe for disaster. It can result in injury that could keep you out for months.

#5 You Don’t Take Recovery Days Seriously

It’s easy to not take recovery days seriously. You can get too carried away with training. Remember to never do 2 hard sessions consecutively. You should allow yourself a day of recovery. Do an easy run at an easy pace. Stretch. And Foam roll. Treat your body with the tender, love, care and respect it deserves.

So, are you committing these 5 deadly sins?



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