It’s not like running clothes are inexpensive. Man your Nike bras, Adidas shorts, Mizuno tank top surely don’t come cheap. It is important to pay attention to how you wash and clean your running gear. Because, over time, these mistakes can cause high damage to your running gear – your shorts, tights, tank top, sports bra and even socks.

#1 You Fail To Check Your Garment Label

Manufacturers don’t attach the garment label with instructions for fun. This little tag has so much information. They will tell you whether or not to use hot water, warm water, bleach, even a dryer. It is always easy to end up using hot water to wash your stinky clothes because you think it kills the bacteria. Actually, when in doubt, always use cold water. Contrary to popular belief, high performance fabric does not handle hot water well.

#2 Waiting To Wash Your laundry

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The longer you leave your laundry, the more difficult it will be to get rid of the odour. It may even become a permanent stink. It is recommended to rinse your clothes and hanging it up maybe on a collapsible rack if you don’t have time to properly do laundry. You then can do the laundry a couple of days later.


#3 Adding Too Much Detergent For Sports Clothes

Logically, the more detergent you use, the cleaner your clothes would be, no? Resist the urge to do so because in actual fact you are doing your clothes more harm. Too much detergent leaves a residue on your clothes which becomes a food source for bacteria. This bacteria in turn releases an odour. This is why you should not add too much detergent.

#4 Using The Dryer

Photo Credits: Chip Chick

Using the dryer exposes your clothes to a very high temperature. This causes the synthetic fibres in your sports gear to break down. It can also cause shrinkage which is such a pity for expensive sports gear. I mean do you know how much sports bras cost these days! Instead you should always hang your clothes out to dry. If you are pressing for time, you can use a fan and have it blow at your wet laundry.

#5 Using Fabric Softener

You might want your clothes to be silky smooth. But you must remember that workout clothing is meant to be light and breathable. Fabric Softeners however have the tendency to clog up the high performance material – preventing it from performing it’s breathable function. It won’t perform the same and probably not worth the price tag you paid for. If you really want to soften your clothes, the tip is to use vinegar instead.


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