JustRunLah! : How will you introduce yourself to Asia running and fitness community?

Yixiang – I’m quite the fitness and health addict who loves to stay active and do sports like rock climbing, swimming, cycling and of course running!

Peining – I’m an outgoing girl who likes to keep fit by running, swimming, cycling, rock climbing, and yoga.

JustRunLah! : How did you meet each other?


Yixiang & Peining – We met each other during a rock climbing competition back in my polytechnic days, and his university days.

JustRunLah! : When did you first pick up running (what age) and what inspired you to do so?

Yixiang – I have been mostly rock climbing since I was 17. It was about a month or 2 after I finished my National Service at 22 years of age that I signed up for the Army Half Marathon and I started to run around my neighbourhood. I felt that I needed to run to stay fit and to maintain a good power to weight ratio to aid in my climbing

Peining – I was very active since young, and I grow up in an active family. During my secondary school days, my father used to bring my sister and I to run at East Coast Park to run with him. Since then, I’ve gotten into running leisurely, but not competitively. What made me continue was to keep fit and build stamina for rock climbing.

JustRunLah! : Your greatest reward from your sporting journey so far?

Yixiang & Peining – We completed Ironman 70.3 in Bintan together, where we started the race and ended the race together.

JustRunLah! : What is your mantra for when the going gets tough in a race?

Yixiang – Embrace the pain and come out stronger.

Peining – Just keep running, just keep running.

JustRunLah! : One advice for aspiring runners?

Yixiang & Peining – Running properly is the marriage of stamina and technique. Get the technique right first before putting in more miles and you will run efficient, happy and stay injury free.

JustRunLah! : Finish this sentence: Fitness is…

Yixiang – dependent on your desire to keep and stay fit.

Peining – good for you to stay young and look young.


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