I am Stanley Tan. I’m passionate in sports and running from a very young age in primary school. I was involved in various sports throughout my time in schools. When I was enlisted into National Service, I continued getting involved in football, squash and running. Running has always been part of my daily activity because of my involvement in sports. However, there was a break in running, for 3 years, after I left the Army to pursue my business.

Running has always been part of my daily activity since the age of 9. Being actively involved in many sports, running is part of the fitness training. In the Army, I continued my passion in football and squash, where I represented SAFSA. While in the army, running was an essential part of my daily activity. There was the yearly IPPT test and military training and exercises. In order to keep up with the training, I had to run to maintain my fitness.

After I left the Army to pursue my business, I stopped running and exercising due to my hectic schedule. During that time, my health deteriorated. My BMI was in an unhealthy range. My weight increased. I was unfit and in a bad shape, and I told myself that I had to do something about it. That’s when I went back to exercising and running.


That was 7 years ago, and since then, my health improved tremendously. It is evident in my medical tests that I did. I realised the benefits of running and how it impacts on one’s overall fitness and health.

It was at this time that my passion for running really grew.

Introducing V8Runners

While I was staying in the West, I joined F1 runners and later SonicWestGen running club. I ran with SonicWG on a weekly basis in addition to my daily runs. After moving to the East, my involvement with SonicWG’s weekly runs lessened. Being in a new estate, I had the idea of starting a running interest group.

V8Runners was actually conceptualized as a running interest group to promote fitness and health among the residents in Vue8. V8Runners is young; only a month since it started. Most of us are working, finding little time for exercising and running. Some even live a sedentary lifestyle. With the formation of V8Runners, which is to encourage everyone to exercise and run and to improve their health, it gives us an avenue to run together as a group and have fun at the same time. The response has been good in a way and it is still work in progress. We now have members encouraging their spouses and children to participate in our weekly runs. Not only does this weekly runs promotes fitness and health, it is a time for family bonding too. This bodes well for the group and the estate as a whole!

Join us no matter what your background is 🙂

Everyone and anyone who is passionate about running and wants to keep fit and healthy is welcome to V8Runners! We are not competitive but run for fitness and health. I think we are the first running group in a private estate! I have requests from runners staying in other estates to join us. So, everyone is welcome!

Thank you JustRunlah! and Lucozade for sponsoring our hydration.


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