Spinning is an indoor workout that is accomplished on an immobile bicycle that helps in maintaining your fitness. This workout is suitable for athletes of all ages. Spinning is a good way to exercise both your body and mind. The spinning vehicle comes with an adjustable seat, handle, bars with gears, and normal pedals. It also comes equipped with a heartbeat monitor and a knob to adjust the speed of your spins. The best gear for the workout is a pair of cotton socks, shorts, shirts, and the appropriate footwear.

Next is a look at some of the reasons why you should add spinning to your routine exercise.

High-Intensity Training with Folding Bikes

Basically, spinning is an interval training. This is because it offers substantial cardiovascular boost and helps burn a lot of calories, especially when you change position or increase resistance and pedal speed.

It is also a high-intensity training method. This is because the majority of classes are group-based; a feature that will allow you to push yourself beyond your presumed limit because of the energy of those around you. The intense sessions and the added motivation from other classmates, the spinning instructions like those provided by Josh Taylor, a master spinning instructor, high tempo, and an elevated energy soundtrack can also give you a mental boost. This will also serve to re-energize your exercises.


Spinning has a great metabolic effect because it works some of the largest muscles in your body simultaneously. This also means that your body continues to burn calories for some time after the sessions.

Just like with the folding bike options, spinning vehicles come with adjustable modes that allow you to mimic an outdoor ride on a bicycle. You can check out reviews and demonstrations by Jim Roose, a former powerlifter. This means that you can train your anaerobic and aerobic systems, as well as activate your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. The bottom line is that you will be able to run faster and stronger after a few spinning sessions.

Full Body Workout

Despite a huge number of people thinking that spinning is a cardio exercise only, the benefits go way beyond that. An entry level spin will challenge you in a way that will help strengthen your posterior chain and abdominals, which is attributable to the different adjustable resistance levels that you can use. This allows you to build off what you have gained and also prevents you from hitting the plateau.

Spinning can also be a very beneficial exercise, especially if you suffer from hip, knee, and ankle problems. In fact, pedaling against the resistance provided by the spinning machine pedal works the leg muscles way harder as compared to the running strides. In other words, the exercise conditions the hamstrings and quads of your legs, which results in greater muscles. This translates to a better running economy.

Spinning exercises are also good for runners who live in flat localities since they provide a hill like training that most people struggle to get. They are also good starting options for runners who may have stopped exercising due to previously sustained injuries. If you are suffering from muscle imbalance, the spinning bike exercise will come in handy because there is no need to lean on the bike to turn. Exercises that are done on a spinning machine helps to correct muscle imbalances and also reduces the risk of injuries.

Mental Benefits and Reducing Burnout

According to studies, people who exercise regularly have reduced stress levels as compared to those who do not. Exercises with cardiovascular workouts increase the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which help to boost your mood, increase stress resistance, relieve anxiety, and banish the blues. After the exercise, most people experience a great feeling called runners high. Adding a spin session to your daily exercise routine will help to keep down the burden of repetitive physical impact while reducing training monotony and mental burnout.

Reduced Impact on Injuries

Spinning exercises give runners an option to stay away from high impact training, which reduces the chances of overuse injuries without omitting a high-intensity workout. This is because, with spinning, you can exercise most of your muscles without stressing too much load into the weight-bearing joints.

If you integrate a few spinning sessions a week into your training exercise, you will be taking advantage of the benefits that come with high-intensity training. You will also be able to take a prolonged load off of your injuries. This becomes very useful particularly when you are scheduled to have a hard run, yet you have tight muscles or a minor niggle. A spinning vehicle is also very a good option when you are in an injury rehab.


Even though there are spinning machines with portable folding bike alternatives that make spinning exercises feel like an outdoor bike ride, but they should only be used for a few sessions a week. Not only do spinning exercises complement your running but they also help in maintaining your cardiovascular fitness. Utilizing the spinning machine can be a good option for runners who need to keep fit even when they are undergoing an injury rehab. It is also a good exercise to start with if you had stopped exercising due to an injury.

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