Stretching is the most neglected aspect for a runner. Think about it, we spend often more than an hour running but stretching for what only 5 minutes? It is a really important aspect of training because it can prevent injury. I mean, what is the point of running for hours but to be hit with a preventable injury keeping you out from training for a couple of weeks? It’s good to have a stretching routine that you keep to.

Note that these are static stretching poses which are done after a workout as cool down stretches. Normally dynamic stretches are done for warming up. Stretching should be done gradually and held for approximately 30 seconds.

#1 Calf Stretch

Lean towards a wall. Keep one leg straight as you lean in towards the wall. You should feel a nice stretch in your calves. Remember to do it for both legs.


#2 Hamstring Stretch

Fold one leg inwards with one leg out straight. Point your toes upwards and reach out for your toes. You should feel the back of legs – your hamstrings stretching. Repeat on both legs.

#3 Quad Stretch

Stand on one leg whilst pulling the other to your backside. Grasp your ankle and slowly ease in into the stretch. Repeat on both legs.

#4 Glutes Stretch

Lie on your back and position your ankle on the opposite thigh. Grasp behind your thigh and pull it towards you. You will feel the stretch on your glutes! Repeat on both legs.

#5 Hip Flexor Stretch

This is one very often neglected stretch. Kneel on the floor on one leg with the other leg forward as above. Slowly thrust your hips forward whilst slightly arching your back. You will feel a stretch on your hip flexors and the front of your thighs.

#6 Groin Stretch

Sit with your back up against a wall. Bring your feet together. Slowly press down on your knees. Remember to apply pressure gently and ease in into the stretch.

#7 The Cobra Stretch

Lie on the floor and place your palms right beside your shoulders. Push up. You will feel abdominal muscles and chest opening and stretching.



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