If you haven’t heard, massage therapy can significantly improve your running potential. Here are 4 benefits of the massage therapy.

#1 Prevents Injury

Often when we increase our training load, it results in our muscles becoming pain and fatigue. This pain and fatigue is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles. When left untreated, the cumulated lactic acid can cause congestion, tightness, and shortening of the tissue. This may in turn lead to an injury. If we try to push harder, our already shortened muscles may not be able to take the pressure and may lead to a ligament or tendon tearing. This is why massage therapy is important to prevent these tight spots.

#2 Increase Blood Circulation And Blood Flow

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When lactic acid is produced in our body, this causes our muscles to become sore. Going to our next speed session sore to our bones isn’t exactly getting the best out of training. Massage therapy helps improve blood circulation in these areas, flushing out the lactic acid. It is one of the quickest way to promote recovery of our muscles. Together with proper hydration and massage therapy, you will be fresh and ready for your next workout.


#3 Increased Flexibility

Did you know an improved range of motion can improve running performance? A good massage helps balance the musculoskeletal system. Runners often experience a tightness in the gluteus, ITB band, hamstrings and Achilles tendon. Knee pains often signify a tight hamstring or tight calves. By massaging these areas, you are improving its range of motion and you will feel a significant reduce in pain in your knees.

Also, when our muscles are overused, often a secondary muscle will kick in to help with the load we are putting on our muscles. More often than not, these muscles are not meant to sustain that kind of load. This is a domino effect that causes injury. Massage therapy helps ensure that our primary muscles are always fresh and ready. There will be no use for the secondary muscles and hence no injury of these secondary muscles.


Everyone needs to take a chill pill every once in awhile. Relaxation has a myriad of benefits. Relaxing your muscles relaxes your mind. Relaxing your mind reduces your stress. This relaxation can help you during a race. You will be more relaxed starting your race.

So, when was the last time you had a massage? With these benefits, go book your next massage now! What are you waiting for?


  1. I have a friend who loves running. He joins local races and marathons whenever there were being held in our city of our community. That’s the reason why I liked it when you said that therapeutic massages help runners by improving the range of motion of their hamstring muscles and knees. I’m pretty sure he’ll like the idea, especially since I have heard that another race will be held in our town next week. Thanks.


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