This year is the fifth year of the Straits Times Run. Straits Times decided to do something special by partnering with SCMS (standard Chartered Marathon Singapore) and also offer a gift to those who signed up for both Straits Times Run and SCMS half or full marathon run. I didn’t sign up for SCMS run as I don’t have enough confidence to complete a half marathon at that point of time. There were 3 categories to choose: 18.45 km, 10 km, and 5 km, I chose the 10 km one.

The run was held at the Padang on 16 July 2017, flag off timing for the 10 km runners was at 6:30am. This was my second 10 km race and also my first time waking up early for a race. My first 10 km race was the Star Wars Run Singapore which started on a Saturday night. Took some supplements such as an assortment of vitamin B3, B6, B12, and C before I left my house. Thankfully, I managed to take a cab that came straight away and reach the race venue at 6am.

When I arrived at the race venue, I could find any of my friends who also signed up for the run. So, I went to deposit my bag at the bag deposit counter and make my way to the start pen alone by myself. The flag off for the 10km runners wasn’t delayed. I was flagged off in the second wave of runners which was 10 minutes apart from the first wave.

During the run, everything was good until I reached the 2 km distance marker where I felt soreness on my right calf muscle. Thankfully though, my stamina never fail me throughout the entire race. Despite of the pain, I ran most of the time, stopped only at the water points along the race route to rehydrate and stretch whatever sored muscles.


My official nett time was 58 mins and 10 secs but on my Garmin watch it recorded 59 mins 14 secs because I didn’t stop the tracking on time.

I didn’t expect a good 10 km timing as I didn’t sleep well before the race. I was really happy and satisfied with my timing and it was also my personal best for a 10K race. Timing for my previous race was about 11 mins slower.

After the race, I decided to stay back for the lucky dip. Though I waited for over an hour, it was worth it, I won a steam iron from the lucky dip. It Took me about 3 days to recover my sored muscles after the run. After all, It’s God who enabled me to achieve my PB (personal best) and blessed me with the steam iron as my lucky dip prize.


  1. One of the most well organised and pleasant 10k Run. Well done ST and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good run.

  2. One of the most well organised and pleasant 10k Run. Well done ST and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good run.


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