After writing about finisher shirts (see here), what about the running singlets?

Now unlike the finisher shirts, the singlets to me are the most useful freebie from events.  Well, technically we paid for it.

Running singlets are made for running.  Duh.  So, they are most likely to be most comfortable for that activity, and most other activities (maybe except swimming, have you tried?).  Because surely, the makers of these jerseys do not want to be remembered for the wrong reasons, ie. chafing issues, not effectively wicking away sweat, etc.  They become part of my gear rotation for regular runs.

They also become my lounge-about clothes at home.  As when it gets really humid and living in a concrete box, it helps move sweat off you, and doesn’t feel heavy and soggy like cotton singlets.  They’re light and feels barely there.  Comfortable sleeping on it too. 


What I find strange though are people wearing event singlets to run another event.  Isn’t that kind of disrespectful?  A slap on the face of the event/organizer? 

I’m guessing possible reasons for people to do this:

  • Chafing maybe?  If the shirt has proven itself to be chafe free, then it becomes the singlet for every event.  Until (or even) it starts to look like a rag.  I understand, chafing is the worst.  And just showering afterwards (shudder)?
  • Superstition maybe?  “I did my best negative split time on this jersey.  I also didn’t shave today, and am wearing my lucky underwear today.”  Well, I hope you get your PB at the finish line.
  • Money maybe?  The guy posted the singlet for sale on Carousell.  Of course it would fetch a higher price if its unused.  Just to recoup some of the entry fee paid to run the event.  Might as well include the medal.
  • Guerilla marketing maybe?  Some upcoming event organiser put someone to run in another event to wear their jersey from last year to keep awareness.  Maybe farfetched, but you don’t know what people do these days for eyeballs. Most people probably don’t realize that they themselves are walking billboards in these jersey, even if you’re just wearing them because they are comfortable.  Free advertising for the sponsors.
  • Rebel type maybe?  “Whatever you guys are all doing, I’m not doing.  I am not wearing what everyone’s wearing.  I am anti-establishment.  I am anti-whatever.  But I am still running with everyone.  If I had the option though, I would run the course from finish to start, just because.”  Whatever turns you on, man.
  • To stick out like a sore thumb maybe?  If you wear a different (opposite?) colour shirt, then its easier to find your picture at Running Shots page.

I have to admit.  I never wore any of the event singlet/shirts given to me at the event itself.  My reason?  The last one.  Hehe.  

Well at least I bought my own (non-event related) running shirts to run the events I join.  :p


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