After completing the 2016 series, I was excited to know that there will be 2017 series. So I did not hesitate to sign up for the bundle when it was launched. (But I was sad that not long later, Qoolmart was giving away free socks !! Who don’t like freebies ?)

Comparing to the races in the last series, this Race 1 was well organized. In my opinion these are the points that make it a good race:

  • Information – The race routes and flag off time were announced early. For the last series, I remember there are race(s) that we only got to know the route in a few days before the race.
  • Smooth REPC – Although it took me 45 mins to collect my race pack, I had no complaint as the queue was moving and you knew the students were doing a great job.
  • Accessibility – The start point could be seen when you got out of the MRT station and ample carparks are nearby.
  • Start time – 5am is just nice for 21km. Especially at this period of the year when the sun is fierce. The 1.5 hours apart for the 21km and 10km does help to prevent the bottleneck during the last part of the race.
  • No bottleneck – I did not encounter any bottleneck situation throughout the entire route. Was very worried about that Marina Barrage roof which is dark and narrow, but it was smooth.
  • Ample hydration points – There were enough hydration points along the route. And I think most people tried to throw the paper cups in the trash bag provided which is very good.
  • Fast Result – What’s new and probably the first in Singapore ? We got to know our timing right after the race.

There are some points I believe can be improved for the coming races:

  • New routes – Frankly, I am disappointed when the route was release. It first part of the route is same as Race 3 in 2016 series, except the start point is different. Luckily I am taking part in HM. But looking for new route can also be a challenge in this small island especially for HM. But what attracts me to join TPS is the different and unique routes for difference race. Race 2 will be in Coney Island, but at different start point so may be will incorporate other part of the Punggol Waterway.
  • Space out Pacers – As I am not a good runner, and I thought I could rely on the pacers for this race. But all the pacers started off right at the starting line of wave 1 while I was at wave 2. (I don’t even know there are different waves till I realized there was a big gap between the crowd before the start). Wave 2 started about 7 mins after :(. I think the pacers should not start right in front since those at the front will run even faster than then the pacers. Also, since there were about 6-8 pacers for each timing, could they be split into different waves ? Or you could break out the runners according to the pace they would like to follow ?
  • Avoid uneven terrain – Almost to the end of the race, we were to run on the grass. Its not a big deal to run on grass but the ground is uneven. It will be unfortunate to injure at this point when the end is not far away.

Overall, I enjoyed this run and I look forward to race 2 in August. Keep it up guys and see you soon !



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