The Duathlon is a different beast to tame – different from pure running, pure cycling and even the triathlon. For the runners and cyclist, cycling and running is a completely different sport, using different muscle groups and making the duathlon a complete different ballgame. For the triathletes – swapping out the swim for another run completely changes the dynamics of the race. We can assure you it becomes a different sport in its entirety.

Whether you are an experienced or an aspiring duathlete, it’s always good to get some tips or be reminded of the basics! Here are some tips for you!

#1 Don’t Go Out Too Hard

 With the adrenaline rush, it’s easy to go out too hard too fast. But bear in mind, you will pay the price later on – either on your bike ride or on the 2nd segment of your run. Bear in mind, the duathlon distance is not won in the first run. You would want to go at the fastest pace you can with enough reserve to not burn out during the bike or 2nd run. The more you race, the better you can gauge what this upper limit is. Pacing really is everything when it comes to races like these! Don’t let your adrenaline rush get the better of you!

#2 Brick It


A brick workout is one whereby you stack both disciplines in one consecutive workout. You either run and then bike, or bike then run. The switching between different modes of exercise will cause a significant rise in heart rate as your body shifts the bloodflow from muscle group to another. Brick workouts simulates the demands of race day and will help your body handle the shifts more efficiently.

#3 Use 2 Pairs Of Trainers With No-Tie Laces

To shave off more transition time, this is a duathlon-specific trick. Use a separate pair of shoes for each run. This way, your shoe would be perfectly placed when you come back form your bike. It would be easier and faster to slip on your shoes and just go off. Elastic No-Tie laces is a MUST! We know it’s a matter of just seconds, but when it comes to races like this, every second counts!

Here are some tips to bear in mind! What are you waiting for? Du it! Looking for a Duathlon race to kickstart duathlon journey, join the Singapore Duathlon 2017!


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