Performance is more than just lacing up your shoes and going out to run. To really perform, you need to mind the details.

Many runners I speak with train regularly. Far less train with purpose and know how each session fits into the bigger picture.

Even fewer pay attention to the peripherals. Nutrition, recovery, race execution, mental conditioning, stress levels and the like.

It’s these things that often make the biggest difference, especially when you’re limited in the time you have to prepare.


Here is a quick start guide to performing the Coached way!


Follow a plan (it doesn’t have to be a Coached plan but it’s a good place to start) and use a heart rate monitor to measure your effort and track your progress.


Stop eating “food products” and start eating real food again. Real foods are fruits and veg. Nuts and seeds. Meat, fish and eggs. As my manager always used to tell me: “you don’t put diesel in a Ferrari”.


Training stress breaks you down and is multiplied by other life stressors like work, family and social commitments. Aim for 7+ hours of sleep a night, use a foam roller, eat clean (see above) and turn off the notifications on your phone. These are good places to start.

Race Execution

You cannot change the state of your fitness on race day so your job is to maximise it. To express your fitness in the best possible way by executing a smart and controlled race. Start conservatively, build your effort and finish strong.

Mental Training

The mind controls everything. Start with 10mins a day of meditation. Build that duration over time.

Performance is in the details. Start with the simple (not easy) recommendations above and see what happens. You’ll be amazed to see excess body fat fall away, energy levels rise and performance improve.

Control what you have the ability to control and the outcome will take care of itself!

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