With regards to the kinds of food we should have for our first meal of the day, there have been so many suggestions going around that some of us may be lost as to what we should or should not eat.

But we can’t deny that because it is the first meal of the day, it is thus definitely the most important meal of the day too. Your body has gone without food throughout the night and after its nightly cleanse, your body needs a good breakfast to get started.

So what kind of breakfast food should we be consuming to ensure our energy is kept high and our body is also getting the proper nutrients it deserves? Here are some for you to consider for your next morning meal.

2. Greek yoghurt

Some people love it; some people just cannot take the sourness of it. Whichever way you look at it, it is undeniable that Greek yoghurt is good for us, especially for our digestive system. Loaded with hunger-busting protein, Greek yoghurt is also a great source of calcium. Similar to oatmeal, you can also add fruits such as berries and even nuts to it to bring the flavour and nutrition to another level.


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