The Lunar New Year is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure most of us are hyped up about indulging in those delectable CNY goodies like pineapple tarts (my ultimate favourite!), peanut cookies, nian gao and so on.

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But beware the calories you consume at the same time. As tasty as these morsels may be, they come packed with loads of sugar, salt and everything else that our body, literally, doesn’t need so much of.

What kind of calories are we talking about here?

It may be tough to stop only at one, but your body will thank you for it after the party’s over. To put things into perspective, it’s 82 calories per pineapple tart, 178 calories in one slice of bak kwa and 112 calories per Love Letter. And of course you know this isn’t all the snacks that will be available.


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To add to the equation (mostly additions), you will also have the usual CNY luncheons and dinners that will add to the number. In just one visitation to your grandparents’ place alone, you may be looking at almost 1,500 calories consumed. Scary isn’t it?

Will doing loads of exercise help?

It goes without saying that you will definitely need to keep up with your exercise regime, more so during this period of time. Simply put, if you are planning to let go and stuff your face with as much goodies as you can, you need to also get it out of your system.

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Always remember that your output has to be more than your input and you will be fine.

That said, don’t be too overly enthusiastic about working out that you fall ill and don’t get to enjoy the festivities.

So besides exercise, what other ways can we manage the caloric intake during CNY?

If you aren’t someone who is willing to work out doubly hard to get rid of the extra calories, another way will be to just watch what you eat. Watch what goes into your mouth at every gathering and count calories.

Otherwise, just try and stand or walk around as much as you can. At least your body is moving and getting rid of some of the calories, if that helps. Or makes you feel a little better about yourself.

Yes, I know it may not be the healthiest and best way to enjoy the parties but hey, a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips.

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