You are getting ready for a big night out. You have got your dress right and your makeup right but as you walk past your mirror to leave, you see a jangle happening in your arm. Flabby arms are not only unsightly, they are also a sign that you aren’t working that part of your body enough.

If you are one of those who is worried about this, here are some exercises you can do to get rid of your wings and get toned and sculpted arms once and for all.

#1 Planking

This is my personal favourite. Simple, time-efficient and highly effective. Whether you want to do it before or after your workout, or even on its own in the comfort of your own home, planking works not just your core muscles, but also your arms to get you the toned gams you are looking for.


#2 Kettlebells

Working out with kettlebells can also help to build strong arms, a strong back and even your core muscles. Swing those kettlebells for as many times as you can handle and you will notice slim, strong arms in no time at all.

  Photo Credits: Oxygenmag

#3 Overhead tricep extension

This is another easy arm exercise. All you need to do is take a dumbbell and hold it, with both your hands, over the back of your head. Let the dumbbell’s weight weigh down your arms while you pretend you are having a hard time pulling it back up. You will be able to show off those awesome arms soon enough!

  Photo Credits:  Indian Workouts

#4 Doing the shoulder press

This is probably the most common way to give your arms the workout they need at the gym. What you need to take note of is how much of this exercise you do each time. Just make sure your arms feel the strain or it won’t work.

  Photo Credits: WorkoutLabs

#5 Bicep curl and Lunge

Working out your legs and arms at the same time may sound like commonsense but it doesn’t always cross our mind. You can try doing this by curling your arm towards your chest with a dumbbell and alternating it with a lunge. Several repetitions later will see your arms and legs feeling rightly sore and over time, tighter limbs.

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