The reservoir's still water was like a mirror, reflecting the natural beauty around it.

I wanted a break to enjoy the festive season and I got it. However, I did not get to enjoy the festive seasons because I had a really bad flu and cough. After two weeks plus of rest, I was finally back running.

I don’t usually get to run in the later part of the morning. However, I woke up late and sneaked out of the house as quickly as possible before anyone could cause me to stay back. I decided to run to Lower Seletar Reservoir. It has been a while since I did that to watch the sunrise.

When I got there, the sun was rising out. The orange yolk rose above the reflective, still water and the whole reservoir glittered from the bright orange light. It was such as visual treat.

Like a mirror, the still water reflected the colours of the sky and shimmered as the sun slowly rose out of the water.
Like a true-blue social media user, I had to take a selfie with that lone boat on the calm water.

While I wanted to continue running, I decided to join in the many runners and cyclists who stopped to take photos. God knows when I would be able to run at this timing again. I have run here umpteen times but it was always dark.


Runners, passers-by and cyclists could not resist this beautiful sight. People stopped to take photos.

I finally completed my run after 9km (3km short of my planned run) as I was starving. For some reason, I completely lost my appetite when I fell sick. However, it is now back with a vengeance. I am constantly hungry and famished. See the emphasis?

At the end of this leisurely, beautiful Sunday morning run, my Brooks also decided to bid me farewell. My hubby got me this pair of shoes after I had my firstborn to return to running. It was one of the most comfortable pair of running shoes I ever had. The support was good and I liked the cushioned soles. I have three other pairs of shoes, which I rotate during my training and races. My Brooks is by far my favourite pair.

This was a photo taken in 2012 after giving birth to my son. Bye my dear Brooks. You have served me well.

It was sad when it finally gave way. I have grown sentimental with them and I could not bear to discard them. Thanks for giving me many good running memories and helping me get back into marathon running. You have served me well.

For now, I will rely on my On Cloud until I find another pair that fits me this well.


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