While we may enjoy exercising and working up a sweat, some of us aren’t lucky enough to continue feeling comfortable in our own skin after doing so. In fact, because of sensitive skin, we end up feeling itchy and highly irritable after each workout session, which may only cause us to feel less enthusiastic about our next one.

Effects of exercise on sensitive skin

I suffer from a non-contagious but highly irritable skin issue scientifically known as keratosis pilaris. In layman’s terms, it is called “chicken skin” as sufferers spot tiny bumps on their arms and/or legs and/or face that resemble goosebumps. Like most other skin conditions, we experience many times more discomfort when we sweat or are in very warm situations. Even tight clothing can cause us to start feeling itchy all over.

So you can imagine how it is for sensitive skin sufferers across the board when we exercise and break into loads of sweat while in a warm climate. The heat and sweat, combined with our exercise apparel sticking to our skin, can cause endless misery to the sufferer until we get to bathe and be in a cool environment.

If you know what chaffing is, you will know how horrible it feels and how raw your skin become. Add sensitive skin to the mix and you have a miserable concoction of pain, itchiness and frustration all in one. Also, you need to know that this is just what we feel on the surface and basically. For those who suffer from more serious skin conditions, it may literally cause them to give up all passion for exercise altogether. Yes, it can be that bad.


How to counter the discomfort

But fret not! There are definitely ways to minimize your skin’s irritability when you exercise so that you don’t get scared off from giving your body the workout it deserves.

1.Wear looser workout clothing

As much as most people will encourage you to wear something tight so that your clothing does not interfere with your movements, you need to think of your skin and go for something more comfortable and loose. This will give your skin space to breathe and aerate so that the sweat dries up faster and you are kept cool and dry as much as possible.

2.Bring along powder

Whenever you can, bring along a small bottle of powder so that you can keep yourself dry as much as you can after each workout session. If your sensitive skin extends to your scalp, you can also use the powder to coat it to keep you comfortable until you get to have a proper shower. You can also put the powder in your shoes to keep your feet dry and reduce the chances of chafing.

3.Always wear socks

This is to make sure that your feet are kept dry while you exercise. Damp feet are a hotbed for bacteria and fungus and can cause you to get fungal infections.


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