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Dieting fads are everywhere, literally. If you are one of those who is constantly online, you will know what I mean. From the Atkins Diet to the Mediterranean Diet, there are so many ways “experts” have claimed you can lose weight quickly and effectively through. What many don’t tell you though, is whether or not that particular diet regime is healthy for your individual lifestyles.

What is the most popular diet method at this moment?


This should not come as a surprise because most of us are probably “guilty” of trying it at least once in the past few years. Yes, it’s the no carb diet.

While it is true that consuming less carbohydrates like white rice, pasta and white bread can see a reduction in weight, truth is, you should not be consuming none at all. Having no carbohydrates can result in lower energy levels (let’s face it, our bodies need some carbohydrates to work properly), and lower memory retention, which will not bode well if you need those brain cells to continue working in the long run.


What is the ultimate reason for people to go on diets and what should they take note of?

bad foods lose weight

People go on diets for many reasons but more often than not, it is to lose weight and look good. In our modern society, it seems that being slim while having a big appetite is the way to go, causing many a youngster to go overboard and become too unhealthily thin. As much as it is in our innate human nature to want to look good physically, there should also always be a limit.

Those of you who intend to go on a diet should be mindful of the nutrients you are taking in and also your overall health, mentally, emotionally and physically. Yo-yo diets are out of the question as the method, although allows you to lose weight almost instantly and quickly, is not sustainable in the long run, similar to the no carb diet (it is just not possible especially for Asians). Make sure the diet you are on has to be able to keep your body and mind healthy and alert and in the pink of health. And always include some form of exercise in your routine to ensure the weight is kept off.

So what’s the best method and why does it work?


To me, the best method of dieting includes doing everything in moderation. Basically, be it in the consumption of food or working out, as long as you keep your body moving and your diet clean with loads of greens, fruits and grain, you will definitely be able to see a difference in a matter of time and be able to maintain your desired physique for as long as you want.


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