If you think I’m talking about the silly and dangerous planking antics that were all over social media just awhile back, then you are on the wrong page. The planking I’m going to talk about in this article is the one that works your entire body without you moving an inch. Well, you do have to technically get into a push-up position but you don’t do any push ups. All you need to do is stay up and stay there, in a standard pushup position.

Why planking?

Information about planking can be found all over the internet and you will discover that it can be done in conjunction with a workout routine or on its own and you will still see the results. It’s really quite amazing and I shall tell you why.

When you plank well, you are basically putting all your core muscles to the test. You are letting gravity work its magic on your body and getting all your glutes and abs to tighten and strengthen while you fight the urge to drop your body back onto the ground.

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Planking does not even take up much time. All you need is one minute and you can already feel your body crying for salvation. But trust me when I say that if you plank religiously for one to two minutes a day, everyday, you will see a difference in your body within a few weeks. And all you need is a yoga mat so that you don’t slipping all over the place. If you choose to do a minute of planking before and after your workout routine, you will probably see a bigger difference, especially around your core areas, in no time at all.


If planking is so simple and works so well, then why aren’t many people already doing it?

Whilst it may sound like an easy feat (what’s one to two minutes of staying still in one position right?), imagine having a huge rock on your back while you are trying to keep your body in the right planking posture for those measly minutes. Now the challenge seems a little clearer right?

Many have issues getting into and maintaining their postures past the 20 second mark. Time will seem to pass ever so slowly and the minutes will seem like hours. Usually the ones who give up are those who give up too soon, too easily. Once you start getting used to the pain, it becomes almost like a sensation after awhile. Just like getting a tattoo or pushing yourself to run further distances.

The bottom line is, planking is so underrated yet so effective in getting you the body you desire. It’s a great way to get your body in shape and with the least amount of movement. And it only takes so little time a day! This is a quick way to drop the pounds, sculpt your body and also get you into fighting fit mode sooner than you expect.


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