We all know running is good for us, especially if we want to lose that excess weight.

However, this is also a sport that many are not able to keep up with and fall back when they feel too tired or too lazy to put on their running shoes.

The only way to push ourselves to go for that jog is to remember the awesome benefits that you will reap after each and every session. Here are some for you to keep in mind should you decide to skip your next run day.

1. Keeps you fit and slender



The biggest physical benefit of running is that you are kept slim and healthy. Seriously, what’s there not to like about the sport? You may have looked upon your friends who keep to a regular running schedule and marveled at their slender silhouettes but understand behind that body is a person who is constantly and persistently doing time on the route to maintain it. Yearn to fit into that figure-hugging dress for the upcoming festivities? You may want to start running now.

2. Generates endorphins to keep you happy


If you have noticed, those who exercise regularly tend to be more positive. Why? Because for one, our bodies release this thing called endorphins that helps to make us feel happier (alike the after effects of having a good bar of chocolate), and two, because they feel more confident about how their bodies look. It’s a ripple effect really. You exercise, your skin glows, you look good and you feel good.

3. Keeps osteoarthritis away

senior running man

This may surprise some of you. Apparently, according to Boston University researcher David Felson in an interview with National Public Radio, studies show that running improves knee health. In fact, it’s been long known that running increases bone mass and even helps with age-related bone loss. So there you have it! Bad knees should not be the reason to skip running.

4. Keeps you on your toes


This is definitely something we all know. Regular exercise in general not only keeps our bodies fit but also our minds alert. You will find yourself having better concentration, having a longer attention span and better memory in the long run. Perhaps you may want to switch up your mahjong sessions for a run instead?

5. Running increases your lifespan

london, uk - april 21, 2013: participant wearing funny costume in the crowds of runners of london marathon. the london marathon is next to new york, berlin, chicago and boston to the world marathon majors, the champions league in the marathon.

Literally. And this is not just for those who exercise intensively throughout the week. As long as you meet the minimum amount of physical activity of 30 minutes per day, five times per week, you are likely to gain between 2.6 to 5.3 years of your life. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? And all you have to do is run!


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