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Everyone loves honey. Seriously, who doesn’t? Besides tasting awesome, it contains a whole load of health benefits for the regular consumer on its own or when mixed with other condiments like lemon, lime and/or cinnamon. I personally enjoy it with ginger and lemon.

But as much as we love the taste, some of us don’t fully understand the greatness of this nectar from nature. Here are 6 to get you motivated to start on that honey consumption right away!

1. Honey gives you energy

And it’s all-natural! How great is that? It seems the natural unprocessed sugar – fructose and glucose – directly enter the bloodstream and can deliver that quick boost of energy whenever you need it. Perhaps it may be a good idea to keep a bottle of honey on your work desk for after lunch energy dips.

2. Honey boosts your memory

Image credit: Crazy Happy Healthy
Image credit: Crazy Happy Healthy

If you don’t like gingko, this is a more delicious alternative. Honey is loaded with antioxidants that may help to prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. It also has the ability to help the body absorb calcium which helps to aid brain health, since the brain needs calcium in order to process thought and make decisions. Fancy not forgetting stuff even after menopause? Take a spoonful of honey a day to curb it.


3. Honey assists in weight loss

In this time and age, everyone is raving about natural foods and their health benefits to us in a world of artificial flavourings. Replacing white sugar, which has lots of empty calories, with honey can help to remove a whole load of unneeded pounds. Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with honey and a few drops of lemon also helps to detoxify your body and aids in weight loss.

4. Honey increases athletic performance


Did you know that Ancient Olympic athletes ate raw honey and dried figs to enhance their sports performance? Now you do. If you aspire to step up your athletic prowess, studies have shown that consuming raw honey reigns supreme in maintaining glycogenic levels and speeding up recovery time.

5. Honey gets rid of bloatedness

If you suffer from bad digestion and gassiness at times, honey water may be the way to go to get rid of the discomfort. Drinking honey mixed in with warm water can help to eliminate the problem naturally for good. This beats those over the counter prescriptions that help you instantly but once you stop taking them, your stomach gets gassed up again right?

6. Honey strengthens your immune system

When your body is not properly detoxified or hydrated, your immune system goes out of whack. Consuming raw, unadulterated honey can help to strengthen your body’s defense abilities and keep them ‘on guard’. Keep in mind though that only raw, organic honey will work in this instance (don’t skim on the price), because it is loaded with the right minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and enzymes that keep your gut clean and healthy.



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