“Why take any action when you can dream and complain?” That’s probably what some people think of when they hear the word “exercise”. As different as these words have in common with each other, they are also connected in some ways. Without any action, all those dreams and complains will come to naught at the end of the day.

So what are the differences and how can choosing to do either one of them turn our world inside out?


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This is as blatant and straightforward as it can get. Making the effort to take action is about as close as any of us can get to accomplishing anything. When we make the choice to actually get something done, it’s easier for us to attain the results we want. Say you want to lose weight. Taking the action to exercise, keep a clean, healthy diet and abstaining from no-go foods will get you the figure you want at the end of the day. It may be the shortest word among the trio but it is definitely the hardest to do.



Most of us love to dream. We dream about how nice it would be to have a big bank account, an attractive partner, a figure to die for. But, therein lies the problem. It is all just a dream and when you wake up one day, you will realize that nothing has been accomplished and you fall back into that same reality you wanted out of for so long. It’s sad but that’s what a lot of people are doing.


This is probably the worst of the lot. Not taking action is already bad enough, and now you got to complain about your own shortcomings too? When you complain about how poor you are, or how fat you are, you are just really telling those around you how much of a failure you are because hey, you can always make the decision to take action to attain your desires but noooo, you choose to complain all about them instead and make yourself feel worse than before.

The top of Rinjani Mt 3,726m Lombok island, Indonesia - August 12, 2012

I think we can all agree that as much as complaining is the worse of two evils, merely dreaming about your desires isn’t the way to go either. It’s good to have a goal in mind but whatever it is, we must always put into action to get what we want. Doing nothing and just lamenting about how difficult it is going to be or how impossible it is is just going to make you look bad and feel worse.


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