Let’s play the first game ever about RUNNING!

Add your words to the running word cloud. How? Enter the words that come to your mind first when you think about running. Easy and simple, so game on!

What is a Word Cloud?

And this time, we want to find out what about running come across your mind. The more people submit the word, the bigger it will be – The Running Word Cloud.



Why we need a Running Word Cloud?

To let the running community (JustRunLah!, race organisers, sponsors, running groups, your friends or just anyone who loves running!) know what matters to you. To spread the love of running. To know how many of the runners out there are having the similar thought as you and me. And most importantly, BECAUSE WE ARE NEVER ALONE!

Let’s play!

Thank you for your massive interest! We are preparing the word cloud and will post it asap!


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