Making a decision between pushing forward and quitting is not unlike our body deciding between fight or flight. There’s such a thin but distinct line between the two that sometimes, we take awhile to decide which route to take. It isn’t as instinctual as many people make it out to be, especially when the activity can call for either or neither.

And although most times, there is a chance for us to take some time to decide, there are situations that call for immediate action. So what do we do? Do we take the first thing that comes to our minds or just quit right there and then?

Pushing forward

runner woman up stairs

It may sound easy to do physically but mentally and emotionally, it can take a heck out of a person just to take that step forward. For runners, we know it as the wall. The wall happens when our bodies and minds tell us we have had enough, when in actual fact, we know we haven’t. This is the time when we are tasked to make a decision and when we choose to push through, which of course is a success and worthy of congratulations, we break through this wall and progress on to greater things and bigger achievements. This is what happens when we decide to push it all the way through. A good way to make yourself push forward is by telling yourself that you have already made it so far, why not go further. Try this and see if it brings you any closer to what you set out to accomplish.




Depending on the situation, quitting may be advantageous or detrimental to your end goals. If it is a dangerous situation, say, deciding between fighting off that alligator or running away, quitting may be a more logical choice to save your life. However, if it comes down to deciding if you should continue eating healthy and exercising regularly, quitting may just lead to your ultimate failure to achieve the goal you have set for yourself in the beginning. It’s a double-edged sword and you need to know when is the right time to give up.

Pushing forward VS Quitting

There is no one right answer to this. As much as pushing forward is a good thing when it comes to academic or sports achievements, quitting may be the intelligent route to take if we are faced with danger. Whatever it may be, one just has to be sure and go with the decision made to the very end to ensure ultimate success.


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