Any runner in most parts of Asia will understand how it feels like to run in our kind of humidity. You start off strong, fresh and ready to go. Then as you run, you start sweating and it starts to weigh down on you. You start feeling soaked and sticky and too hot. It can be disgusting,

It is rather amazing though how runners in such humid conditions continue to be consistently inspired to go for their daily routes and not be deterred by such climates. We always come home soaking wet but happy because we have completed an entire course for the day despite feeling the need for a shower and a big bottle of water right after.

While we may deem the humidity as probably one of our worst enemies, it has its benefits. For one, sweating buckets allows our bodies to detox properly and two, it does make us stronger runners. It is a huge deterrent for many runners, I cannot deny, but running in such high humidity really pushes us to go even further with all that moisture and sweat weighing us down. Our lungs get stronger and we are more acclimated to the heat, moisture and gravity.

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For me at least, drier climates always allow me to go further distances without breaking out in a sweat so soon. Then again, I must say that I have our Singapore humidity to thank. Of course there are always new obstacles to conquer in the different climates in other parts of the world but the crazy humidity really makes a significant difference in my endurance levels.

It has to be noted though that runners in high humidity regions need to have a lot more water intake because of the amount we lose through the excessive sweating. Not only do we lose water but we also lose a lot of salt which is essential for our bodies to recover and operate. This is where we need to load up on isotonic drinks and not skimp too much on the salt in the food we eat because we need it if we want to continue running well in our kind of climate.

Ultimately, as much as humidity does make us feel pretty awful after a run, it does come with its benefits. At the end of the day, we need to ensure that we listen to our bodies and give it what it needs to give us the necessary energy to continue pushing through in this hot and wet weather.


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