Those who don’t exercise don’t know how much rewards you can reap from doing so. And I’m not just talking about you looking good and feeling good. While that may be the push for many people to get active, exercising can also bring you closer to like-minded people and lots of exciting activities that you may not have known of; Until now.

Exercising alone can get a little lonely sometimes and motivation may dwindle after a while if there is no one who shares the same passion as you egging you on. This is possibly the reason why so many running groups have been formed in Singapore over the years and depending on where is most convenient for you, you can easily find one to be a part of. Running in a group can ensure you get the push you need to continue doing so and at the same time, you get to meet new people and have lots of fun.


And instead of feeling drained all the time every day, exercising regularly keeps your heart and blood pumping, giving you a rush of adrenaline and energy that cannot be accomplished even with the strongest form of RedBull. It keeps you on your feet and alert all day and gives you the brightness of mind to get things done efficiently and well. And you know what else is good about being this way? You exercise even more because of your energy level spike by moving around more often and always being on the go.


When your energy levels and enthusiasm for the sport are on an all-time high, you will naturally look around for more challenging and exciting things to do. For runners, there are several races and trails all over the world to explore if you have already conquered all the ones in your country. Here is a bucket list of the best marathons for you to choose. Running straight trails may be something you do every day so signing yourself up for a mountain trail run or even a desert one (if you are adventurous enough!), may be a solution to take you out of your comfort zone and bring some anticipation to your workout regime. Challenges are boundless and there are runs all over that perhaps even the most seasoned of runners will still feel a great sense of accomplishment if they ever attempted it.

Young fitness couple celebrating (1)

Of course, life isn’t and shouldn’t always be about exercise. Just like working, we need to switch it up a little every now and then and look at other aspects of the activity to keep us going. Fancy that new sports bra or that purple striped compression pants? Go get it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good while you exercise. Just look at tennis star Serena Williams! The fashionista never fails to amaze with her flamboyant outfits when she gets on the competition ground.


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