image It was raining so heavily when I woke up, but luckily no rain in the noon. Think the Sun pity us those runners who was so burnt yesterday so today went resting behind the clouds this afternoon. Yay! 😊

image Race pack collection is great, there’s no queue at all maybe because that there were 4 generous long days for us to collect our race pack and some people get their race packs to be delivered as they took the deluxe slots. There’s two days we can choose to runon, either Saturday or Sunday 😊 But we have New Balance Run on Saturday so we go for the Sunday’s Color Run. The race fee is quite expensive, if I didn’t remember wrongly the early bird slot also need to cost me $55. But fun runs are always slightly more expensive than those normal race. But this Color Run is worth it to go, my friends and I are already looking forward to next year’s color run. The deluxe slot cost about $40 more, but I don’t think that there is a need to spend the extra money. I can use that money to sign up for 1 more race 😆

image It’s not the first time I cut my shirt, I cut the T-shirt for One Piece run too. I don’t like T-shirt 😖 And many people really cut their shirt till so trendy and nice, think it’s either they are creative or they really got effort go YouTube on the ways to cut a T-shirt 😍 Unlike me no licensed and took me only about 5 mins to a draw a few lines and cut.

The location of the run is at Sentosa and the flag off time is at 4pm. I took the monorail in from Vivo, as we wanted to avoid the crowd, we decided to meet earlier. As we are wearing the Color Run shirts and bibs, its free entry for us to Sentosa! The staff at the monorail is so friendly! She gives every runner a hi-5, and wishes us a happy run!


image The Color Run claims to be the planet’s happiest 5km and indeed it truly is! 😆 I’ve been to Hello Kitty Run, Music Run, Batman Vs Superman these types of fun runs too, but it is so far never as fun and being happy as the Color Run 😁

image The start pen opens only 5 mins before flag off, which is great. At the start line, they were already spraying the runners with the color powder. And started throwing freebies like sunglasses, visors and wrist bands to the runners. I caught none 😂

My friends and I didn’t run we jog a little only at the start and after the first 1km, we walked all the way. We can always run in other runs but now I see it that for fun runs we should spend more time, be slow and enjoy! 😁 Every 1km point there’s a different color powder being splashed to the runners by the volunteers. Serene said that we are paying to get dirty and get “sabo” 😆

All my friends and I got our “personal worst” timing. A 5km route took us almost 2 hours to complete as halfway at the hydration point we stop and waited quite a long time for Eugene who kena stucked and jammed every where, at the the flag off, at the monorail. He came over after the Trifactor race this morning. I didn’t feel the wait because the rest of us were under the shelter at the hydration point enjoying the super cold and shiok 100 Plus, taking photos and looking at other colorful runners. It’s actually quite therapeutic to see so many happy faces. People were all so smiley 😊


There’s many youngsters at this Color Run. They were all so fun and energetic! 😆 They are so cute lah! They even roll on the floor to get the colors on them. After the run there’s a concert on stage and may of them were on the “dance floor” dancing and jumping. It’s so fun to hang out with friends like this. How come during my teenage days there’s nothing so fun like this? It’s ok, I’ll forever be young at heart! 😂

And something funny happened! Refer to the snapshot below and the hashtags 😂:


HAHAHAHAHA! 😂 Sometines when I go running with my phone and if it suddenly rains, to prevent my phone getting more wetter than my sweat I will also put my phone there. But must depends on the sports bra support also lah, if not phone will also drop out 😆

image Although the quality of the medal is not good and design of the medal looks simple and no effort but at least the floral lanyard is nice. What’s more important is the fun and happy memories made with friends for this run 😊 And the race village is fun with the music and people dancing. There seems to be unlimited water available in the race village at the hydration point and we can just go to the hydration counter to take the bottles of water and cans of cold hundred plus. And of course we didn’t missed out having fun taking a photo at the Haribo photo booth. Hurhurhur! Faster than Usain Bolt? 😆


Guess many color runners will stay and party there till 9pm as the atmosphere is really fantastic! 😊But we are hungry and the next day we need to work so we leave, took quick rinse and change into a fresh set of clothes and have dinner at Vivo. Walking out because the monorail have long queues. When mood is beautiful, everything is beautiful and nothing negative gets in. Pokemon Go players are cute today 😊





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