The inaugural Singapore edition Skechers Blacklight RunTM, one of the world’s coolest themed runs, is happening on 29 October 2016 at Palawan Green, Sentosa! If you have been to other color / music theme runs, the psychedelic 5k Blacklight RunTM is definitely much more than that! Read on and find out the difference and why the Blacklight Run is so unique!

#1 Be a Trendsetter

Join the first Blacklight RunTM in Singapore ever and you will have no regret! The series are held in various U.S. cities and now it is brought to Singapore! Join the run and be part of the biggest nighttime fun run series in the world!

#2 Get Glowed

Along the course, you will be showered with Blacklight Run UV Neon Glow Powder at different color stations: green, pink and orange. The glow powder and all products are 100% NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC. Yet it’s more than just to get your commemorative Blacklight RunTM T-Shirt or yourself covered in different colors. The most thrilling part is when you are illuminated and lightened up by the high beam black lights spread across the routes. You will experience a unique glowing time that you ever have!


Blacklight Run_3
Come join a crowd of 7000 glowing participants and witness this world series yourself! (Photo Credit: Blacklight Run Media)

#3 Get the Best Selfie Ever

When you and your friends are covered in neon glow powder, all of you will be glowing in the Blacklight Zones! So don’t forget to bring your cameras and take lots of pictures in this night of great memories! This can perfectly be your Instagram #BlacklightRun or SnapChat picture of the year! Get active with us and do something special. Be “wild” before the year of 2016 ends! Don’t be the couch potato and feel regret after the event when you browse through your friends’ glowing photos in the Blacklight Run! YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE IN THIS AWESOMENESS!

Blacklight Run_4
Get your best GLOWING photo in Blacklight Run 2016! (Photo Credit: Blacklight Run Media)

#4 Fun with Friends

It’s not about panting your way through for your personal best time, it’s about FUN! The Blacklight RunTM is a huge party for people of all ages, skills and experience levels, and all products are 100% NATURAL AND SAFE FOR CHILDREN. So invite your family, friends, running buddies, the special ones or anyone you wish to spend the glowing moments with!  Make the best of glowing fun with your loved ones and just have a blast! You will end the night laughing with great memories and face and body covered in glow powder.

Blacklight Run_11
Photo Credit: Blacklight Run Media

(And for Pokemon Go! people, the 5K Blacklight Run will be a good chance for you to spot special Pokemon along the route! And why not to have a glowing selfie with your Pokemon?)

#5 Neon Glowing Party

What makes the difference between other color / music theme fun runs and Blacklight Run? Here is one: At the finish line, you will receive your FREE Skechers Blacklight Run Glow Packet, then you will be ready for the famous after run party around the world! You are invited to stick around, celebrate, and see exactly how much GLOW you can handle. The Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM will have lots of neon glow powder, Blacklight RunTM swag and lots of LED gifts given at the stage. Enjoy the best post-run party anywhere with top entertainment, bands and DJs. All included in your entry free.

GUEST DJ US - DJ Automatic_1
DJ Automatic from USA will bring you to another level energy of electronic dance music in Blacklight Run 2016! (Photo Credit: Blacklight Run Media)

#6 Color Throws

We guarantee you that by the end, you will be covered with different colored Blacklight Run UV Neon Glow Powder. Because the fun doesn’t stop at the finish line! At the after-party, you will experience the “Celebration Glow Throw” every 15 minutes which involve clouds of powder being tossed over the finishing runners. As said, it’s time for the REAL FUN RUN!

#7 Run with the Stars

A good music bring the fire, a good DJ bring the heat! Join the Guest DJ “DJ Automatic”, the original Blacklight RunTM DJ from the USA, DJ Jade, and other more DJs at the event. Celebrate the night away, all while dancing to the best beats and participate in the color fun!

Sketchers Black Light Run 2016 Media Launch [1-Jul-2016]-7
Meet DJ Jade in Blacklight Run at Palawan Green, Sentosa on 29 October! (Photo Credit: Blacklight Run Media)

What’s better than a run with UV neon glowing fun? The Blacklight Run will give you a different experience. Secure your slot now!



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