After doing the last 3 races in as many weeks, (10, 15, 10 km), this was the 4th consecutive race with a difference.  I was trying out this inaugural Blueseventy Urban Aquathlon at Orchid Country Club.  This was the second time I tried an aquathlon, the first was with Nila Aquathlon Intermediate Race (500 m open sea swim, 2.5 km run).  It seemed so distant and back then I did 36+ min.  Now it was 400 m in the swimming pool and 3 km run.   I started swimming again more regularly just about 3 weeks ago or so due to time constraints and only in the condo pool.

One good thing about this race was that the venue was rather near my home.  Collection of race pack was also held at the Country Club.  The pack itself was still value for money in my opinion, as we got a pair of goggles and tri-shorts from Blueseventy.  It came with a blue swimming cap which I think is pretty standard issue for aquathlons.

I was meeting my friend, Francis and so set off early to reach around 7.05 am though the race was to start at 8 am.  There we queued up to collect our bib number strap and tied it aound the ankle while the volunteers tattooed the numbers on our arms and legs.  After a quick shower, and donning our caps, we queued up to start.  Each swimmer dived or slided down into the pool, 5-10 seconds apart, and zigzag fashion completed 8 laps.  As I was slower, I got a head start but my friend ‘swoomed’ past me (swim and zoom combined) in no time.  I felt good despite the lack of practice and then ran to the transit area where we had to put on a tee and shoes/socks.  Less than 1 km, and I had to stop to tie my shoe lace which had come loose !

The race was pretty short and we enjoyed it while it lasted.  Water was provided at the transition area and energy drink at the finishing point.  I collected the finisher medal with some satisfaction.  Timing was released the following day.  Did 34:06, now if I didn’t stop to fumble with my shoe lace ? !


Had a good breakfast and catch-up with my friend.  Just as I finished my roti prata, suddenly something dropped from the trees right into the curry plate.  I think it was output from a bird in the trees…  Luckily I had finished my breakfast, otherwise .. Talk about timing (and omen?).  We moved to another safer spot soon after and continued to chat.

The race was a good experience overall.  I do think it is a good introductory race to running and swimming.   The distance is fairly comfortable for beginners, I would think.

Thoughts over the weekend: Run as best as you could, given the situation.  Live to run a better run (or even swim) each time.  Running is Living…


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