The good deal about this run is that the race pack comes along with calves sleeves for the runners that signed up for the 10km category, that’s great because usually if you are to buy the calves sleeves it cost as much as the race fee already so signing up and get the calves sleeves free is one of the reason that I signed up for the run. I see it as a free run for buying the calve sleeves 😆 Thank you July for collecting the race pack for me! 😊

Congratulations to many of my friends getting their PB and I finally got my PB too! Woohoo! 😁 Although I took 1 Hour 10 mins which is considered slow to fast runners but it is fast to slow runners 😆 I’m happy with my timing, it’s what that matters most right 😁


This is my 3rd 10km race and my first two 10kms race I did really super terrible timing 😂 My first 10km race was Compressport run in green corridor during January, how I run 10km in 1 hr 40 mins is over here and I used 1 hr 20 mins in Home TeamNS Real Run over here 😂


So my friends and I reached the race village around 5.30am although the flag off time is 6.30am. It is actually not that early to consider that we want to go around chit chatting and taking photos and wefies 😁


When July and I proceed to the start pen we were like OMG, it’s quite sad we can’t get into the first wave because we went queuing for the toilet. Something should be improvised for the toilet queueing especially every toilet cubicle have their own queue. And if you queue at the wrong queue because you are not that lucky, imagine how long you have to wait if the people on your queue is taking longer time inside 😱 Best is to make sure you have enough toilets so that the runners no need to queue 😁

Actually, for those runners who wish to run in the first wave, is aiming of getting PB or getting podium should really be early. Or the organiser can let the runners know before hand that there will be a couple of waves to be flag off. I really pity those securities or if they are volunteers, their job is really not easy. July and I were in the second wave being separated from the first wave. Some runners are not very happy about it and argued with the securities/volunteer wanting to cut into the first wave. It’s really not very nice. No matter what, minutes later, we were also let into the first wave zone 😁

I didn’t stop at any of the water points to take water because I don’t really drink much water usually when I run and I would only stop for water at longer distance runs. My friends are not really happy that the water at the water points are not cold at all but I’m satisfied with the cold can of 100 Plus given to us at the end of the run 😊

Although the baggage deposit didn’t have queue when I went to deposit my bag as maybe I was still early, but the queue to collect my bag is very long 😨 To queue to collect our bags after a 10km run and under the sun is not shiok at all 😭

The run is good. Enjoyed the route and scenery. Though the flag off time is 6.30am which is really not a good time and many runners have to take a taxi to the venue if they want to be flag off in the first wave and some of the public transport couldn’t get us there on time and shuttle bus services is not being provided.

Overall, I am happy to get a new medal to my collection of blings 😊

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